Join the most sophisticated, modded, and best-performing Insurgency mission for Arma 3! Established in 2014 by Jigsor, the situation is as follows:

  • Eliminate Armed rebellion against NATO forces.
  • Gather Intel on Ammo Cache location by picking up suitcases spawned in random buildings.
  • Destroy Ammo Caches with satchel or demo charges.
  • Complete Random Objectives.
  • Clear all red zones of enemy forces.


Mods are optional with exception of Islands.

Play as Opfor or Blufor.

Start Time parameter.

Choose between Random Weather or Real Weather JIP scripts in parameters.

Predetermined Blufor lobby groups and in game dynamic group alteration.

Enable/Disable Ambient Civilians.

Choose opposing factions and civilians: Csat, AAF, or moded.

Don’t like the new fatigue system? Then disable it in parameters.

Adjust Damage multiplier in params to make 1 or 2 shot kills a reality.

ASR AI friendly.

Custom Air Patrol Script and functions with lobby parameters.

Aircraft will engage infantry and can be shot down with 1 missle or rocket.

Rooftop Static defenses in Task/Objectives.

Group Heli Extraction requestable by last playable slot in lobby. (Team leader CAS1)

Civilian Suicide Bombers keep you on your toes. Dying has never been so much fun!

Ambient vehicle radio chatter.

Randomly generated roadside IED’s.

Virtual Arsenal and VAS available at main ammo crate in base.

Built in Testing/Debug mode param. (Not available in MultiPlayer)

Killed by whom, with what weapon and distance displayed at death. Recruitable AI option in lobby parameters

Installation: Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

Ingame Game Settings:

Press U key for View Distance Settings, Digital Heading and Hud.

Squads are set in lobby but can be dynamically altered ingame by pressing and holding U.

Use target cursor to select players.

Supported PIP livefeeds from the helmet-cameras of their fellow groupmembers. Requires Tactical Glasses. * – Activates camera / switches to next groupmember. Alt+* – Deactivates camera. Shift+* – Toggles size of the display.

Blufor: To have a fully restored kit on respawn, at main ammo box select “Virtual AmmoBox” from scroll, then click “Load Gear” button, select a saved profile (save one first if you haven’t yet), click “Load” button, then click “Load on Respawn Button”.

Opfor: Is limited to CSAT weapons crates and scavenging. They can save one kit and their main ammo box or use default scripted kit. Kit is restored on respawn.


JTAC slots and Team leader CAS1 can call for Close Air Support. UAV Operators can call for air dropped UGV and launch parachute camera by firing a white flare from 203 grenade launcher.

Engineer can build a FARP to repair and rearm vehicles if he has a Bobcat or Repair Truck close by.

Medics can buid a small sandbag wall to provide cover.

Team Leader CAS1 can call for group heli evac. Bullet Cam option for Marksman/Spotter Sniper classes.

EOD and Engineers have scroll option for visible mine detector with proximity sound.


Vehicles will respawn if destroyed.

MHQs consist of 2 Covered Transport Trucks and 1 Mohawk. All MHQs have VAS quick profile loader.

Bobcat Tows other vehicles.

GhostHawks lift light vehicles.

Mohawks can lift heavy and light vehicles.


If you die you can choose to respawn at BASE, MHQ_1, MHQ_2, MHQ_3 or wait for revive. You may also choose to teleport to MHQs or Halo from Flag Pole at base. While waiting for a revive you can spectate and control camera with usual movement controls.

MHQs can be disabled in params.

Revive systems can be disabled in params to accommodate for moded a revive system such as AGM.


Though Destroying Ammo Caches is a primary objective, It is not a listed Task/Objective. Ammo Caches regenerate throughout the city one at a time usually in random building positions and in red zones. Gathering Intel will generate random marker clues on the map referencing distance in radius to ammo cache location. Intel usually spawns in random building positions and in red zones. Once Ammo Cache is destroyed all Intel and markers are deleted. New Intel and Ammo Cache is spawned. There are however, actual Task/Objectives viewable through Map — Tasks. Currently 10 Task/Objectives exist. All Task/Objectives are generated one at a time in random order and random locations.

Current Task/Objectives include:

  • Rescue the downed pilot
  • Destroy Communications Tower
  • Eliminate Insurgent Leader
  • Cut Power
  • Mine Field
  • Deliver Supplies
  • Destroy Support Convoy
  • Destroy Armed Convoy
  • Destroy Mortar Squad
  • Capture and Hold Outpost