ARMA Server Rules

1. No teamkilling, revenge killing, or retributive actions regarding such outside of the teamkill punish option.

2. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be permitted on the servers, as any genuine personal attacks, threats, stalking, or related actions.

3. No pretending to be an admin.

4. No unauthorized access of full admin privileges.

5. No purpouseful destruction of usable (operable/non-damaged) vehicles at base.

6. Lighting up large areas without coordination with fellow BLUFOR is ill-advised and frowned upon. Repeated instances will result in verbal requests to move or even teleportation to an appropriate group of players.

If you are wrongfully banned or disciplined, get on our teamspeak/discord and talk to an admin IN PERSON to explain yourself.

The following are not allowed regarding OPFOR:

1. Bypassing OPFOR arsenal/vehicle restrictions through use of a BLUFOR slot/contact.

2. Those providing equipment or other assets to OPFOR while BLUFOR are subject to the same rule listed previously.

Discord Server Rules

1. Follow general Discord guidelines while in here and use common sense, e.g. no sexually explicit images, doxing, etc…

2. Any joke images or text not related to BMR or Arma should go in #shitposting . No exceptions. We will provide one warning for posting in any other channel.

3. No unreasonable promotion or advertising in our Discord. Please ask beforehand as a courtesy, we are usually happy to spread word about events and other groups.

4. Be excellent to everyone!